Politically Created Turmoil for Many Louisiana Medicaid Recipients

The past couple of weeks has brought much uncertainty for those relying on Medicaid to pay for long-term care and Home and Community Based Services in Louisiana. Due to the state’s inability to pass a budget, on May 10 the Department of Health and Hospitals sent letters to 37,000 Louisiana Medicaid recipients warning that their benefits may end July 1. Approximately 19,000 nursing home residents, 2,700 people with disabilities, 7,600 home health care patients, and 7,200 people receiving other Medicaid services were sent a one-page letter indicating their Medicaid benefits may end on July 1. It is my belief that the Louisiana Legislature will pass a budget to properly fund Medicaid prior to benefits ending. Many people believe the letters were a political scare tactic and were sent prematurely. Regardless of the reason, the letters warning Medicaid services may end caused much worry and confusion.

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