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Houma wills attorney, John Sirois, can provide you with expert advice for wills or any other estate planning matter. When drafting your will, choose an experienced attorney who focuses on estate planning in Louisiana. Houma-Thibodaux wills attorney, John Sirois, has nearly 20 years of estate planning experience. He will listen to your planning goals and concerns, answer your questions, and provide solutions to fit your estate planning goals.

A will is a vital component to any estate plan. Many people believe they do not need a will because they are not wealthy; however, wills are tremendously important even if you have a small amount of assets. Without a properly drafted will, the state of Louisiana will determine how your assets are to be distributed – and it may not be consistent with your wishes. Without a will, you lose all control over the distribution of your estate.

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If you don’t have a will, or your will is out of date, contact Houma-Thibodaux wills attorney, John Sirois at 985-580-2520. With a properly drafted will, you maintain control over your estate distribution and can accomplish the following estate planning goals:

  • Make special bequests of jewelry, cash, the family home or other items to your spouse, child or other individual.
  • Make bequests to your surviving spouse to delay or totally eliminate federal estate taxes.
  • Provide your spouse with a usufruct of community and/or separate property for the remainder of his or her life.
  • Satisfy Louisiana’s forced heirship requirements, even if you leave the full use (usufruct) of your estate to your surviving spouse for life or other period of time.
  • Create a QTIP trust to provide for professional management of assets left to your surviving spouse, with all income paid at least annually to your surviving spouse for life. This trust will also ensure that after your surviving spouse dies, your children will ultimately receive these assets upon reaching an age you deem appropriate.
  • Grant to your spouse a usufruct for life of your property so it may qualify for the federal estate tax marital deduction. On the other hand, you may wish to terminate the usufruct upon your surviving spouse’s remarriage, other event or specific period of time depending on your planning goals.
  • Grant to your spouse the “extra” usufruct rights of selling, exchanging or disposing of non-consumable property (such as real estate) without the naked owners’ (generally the children) consent. This is vital if you wish to give your surviving spouse (the usufructuary) the freedom to sell real estate such as the family home without the children’s consent.
  • Make specific bequests to grandchildren, charities or unrelated parties.
  • Appoint two or more executors to “watch over” each other.
  • Provide for alternative legatees if your spouse, children or other legatees predecease you.
  • Establish trusts for children or grandchildren who are unable to manage their affairs or require professional management of funds. You select the ages your children or grandchildren will receive the property from the trust. Provisions requiring the trustee to pay for a child’s educational and medical expenses or any other necessary expense may be incorporated into the trust.
  • Establish a special needs trust for a disabled loved one.
  • Provide for an independent administration of your estate to streamline and reduce the cost of the succession process.

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Houma-Thibodaux estate attorney John Sirois provides important information about Louisiana wills and estate planning in his book “Louisiana Retirement & Estate Planning,” the essential guide for Louisiana residents age 55 and above. Click here to order a copy of John’s book.

Call lawyer John Sirois of Houma, Louisiana, at 985-580-2520, or e-mail him at  for a consultation to discuss your last will and testament or other estate planning matter. His knowledge and experience will bring you peace of mind. John works with clients throughout Louisiana including Houma, Thibodaux, Metairie, Kenner, Jefferson, New Orleans, Harahan, Gretna, and the River Parishes.

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