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Houma Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law

Houma estate and elder law attorney, John Sirois, provides estate planning and legal services for Louisiana families, seniors, and people with disabilities. Estate planning is more than number crunching and preparing legal documents. Planning your estate is about you, your loved ones, and your planning goals. Whether you are a young adult considering your first will, a worker nearing retirement or someone facing illness and disability, we will handle your estate plan with competence and caring. You will learn about all of your planning options, and receive expert guidance and support throughout the planning and implementation of your choices.

While nobody wants to think about their disability or death, planning your estate is one of the most important endeavors you can undertake. Whether your estate is large or more modest in size, planning for the protection of your loved ones is at the core of the estate planning process. A proper estate plan puts you in control by allowing you to determine who will inherit your assets as well as when and how they will receive their inheritance. What can effective estate planning achieve? It can:

  • Provide financial security for your surviving spouse, children and grandchildren
  • Minimize taxes and maximize wealth transfer
  • Ensure that your assets are preserved and transferred to your loved ones
  • Protect assets from nursing home spend-down and long-term care expenses
  • Preserve family harmony
  • Create trusts to protect your loved ones from taxes, lawsuits and themselves
  • Provide for your children or grandchildren’s education
  • Clarify medical end-of-life decisions with a living will
  • Establish living trusts for those who wish to avoid probate
  • Fashion special needs trusts to preserve governmental benefits for loved ones who are entitled to benefits
  • Grant general powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney to delegate decisions if you become incapacitated
  • Craft business succession plans for closely held businesses
  • Arrange for donations and charitable giving

Thibodaux Estate Planning Attorney

You have spent years accumulating assets for your retirement and building your estate. Shouldn’t you take the time to plan for a smooth, tax-efficient transfer of your assets to your loved ones? The peace of mind that comes with a properly planned estate to protect your legacy is worth the time, effort and expense.

We develop customized solutions for our clients and never take a one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning. Because planning your estate is an innately personal process, estate and elder care lawyer John Sirois of Houma, Louisiana, takes the time to get to know you, your family and your unique planning needs. Visit the Practice Areas section to learn more about our services.

Houma Elder Law Attorney and Certified Financial Planner™

Estate planning, retirement planning and financial planning are joined at the hip; therefore, it is vital that your attorney has in-depth knowledge of these disciplines. When you choose to partner with John Sirois, you have the advantage of working with the attorney and Certified Financial Planner™ who wrote the book on estate and retirement planning in Louisiana.

John Sirois, as an attorney and a Certified Financial Planner™, is uniquely qualified to understand your financial “big picture” and guide you through the estate and retirement planning process. When you work with John Sirois, you have the advantage of working with someone who understands how to coordinate your estate plan and your retirement plan.

Louisiana Retirement & Estate Planning Handbook:

The Essential Guide For Louisiana Residents Age 55 And Above

You can purchase John’s book on or click here: Louisiana Retirement & Estate Planning Handbook, the Essential Guide for Louisiana Residents Age 55 and Above

Call lawyer John Sirois of Houma, Louisiana, at 985-580-2520, or e-mail him for a consultation. His knowledge and experience will bring you peace of mind.

Houma Attorney Focused on Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law

The law firm of John E. Sirois is considered a boutique firm as we concentrate on a few select areas of law. Because we are not a general practice firm, we devote all of our energy staying on the cutting edge of estate planning, Medicaid/long-term care planning, special needs planning, probate, asset protection, and retirement planning. The benefits of working with a firm with a focused practice include a high level of expertise, customized solutions to your planning needs, and excellent service.

Whether you:

  • Want to protect your spouse and children with an estate plan
  • Wish to prevent your family from going through the expense and delay of probate.
  • Have lost a loved one and need guidance navigating the succession process in Louisiana
  • Are planning for the needs of an aging parent
  • Are seeking to protect your assets from lawsuits and creditors
  • Are retired or nearing retirement and want to coordinate your retirement plan with your estate plan
  • Wish to avoid spending-down your assets on long-term care expenses

John Sirois has the knowledge and experience to help you protect your legacy and achieve your planning goals. Visit the Practice areas section to learn more about our estate planning, elder law, probate and wealth management services. John works with clients throughout Louisiana including Houma, Thibodaux, Metairie, Kenner, Jefferson, New Orleans, Harahan, Gretna, and the River Parishes.

Contact lawyer John Sirois of Houma at 985-580-2520, or by e-mail to schedule a consultation. His knowledge and experience will bring you peace of mind.

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