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When you lose someone you care about, you will likely have many questions regarding the distribution of the estate assets. Louisiana probate attorney, John Sirois, can help you understand the succession process in Louisiana and the steps that must be taken to complete a succession. Wrapping up a person’s final affairs typically involves paying debts, collecting and protecting the decedent’s assets, and distributing assets to the heirs. Some Louisiana successions are fairly straightforward while others are very complex and under administration for years. Regardless of the complexity of your loved one’s succession, you need the guidance of an experienced Louisiana successions attorney. Contact Terrebonne and Lafourche probate attorney, John Sirois, at 985-580-2520.

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If you have questions about opening a succession for a loved one who died recently, or need to complete a succession for a family member who died many years ago, Houma successions and probate attorney John Sirois can help. For nearly 20 years, John has assisted families with navigating Louisiana’s probate laws to efficiently complete their loved one’s succession. With offices in Houma and Metairie, Louisiana, John Sirois handles succession matters in all Louisiana parishes. Contact Louisiana successions and probate attorney John Sirois at 985-580-2520 or by email at  if you have questions or need to open a succession in Louisiana.

Metairie, Louisiana Successions and Probate Attorney

Probate and successions are used interchangeably in Louisiana, and both terms mean the court-supervised process of paying the decedent’s debts and transferring the balance of the estate assets to the decedent’s heirs. In Louisiana, there are several types of probate procedures: administered succession proceedings, simple possession, and the affidavit procedure. 

Click here for more information about the types of succession procedures in Louisiana. A probate proceeding in Louisiana may also be classified as domiciliary or ancillary. A domiciliary probate proceeding is when a Louisiana resident dies owning assets situated in Louisiana. An ancillary probate proceeding is used when someone not residing in Louisiana dies owning real estate situated in Louisiana.

Houma, Louisiana Ancillary Probate Attorney

An ancillary probate proceeding is necessary when someone who lives in another state dies while owning real estate in Louisiana. Their estate must be probated in their state of residence; however, an ancillary probate proceeding must also be opened in Louisiana to transfer their Louisiana real estate to their successors (the heirs or legatees). If you need to open an ancillary probate proceeding in any parish in Louisiana, contact Louisiana probate lawyer John Sirois in Terrebonne Parish at 985-580-2520 or by email at .

Jefferson Parish Ancillary Probate Lawyer

If your deceased loved one died testate (with a will) and the will was probated in another state, an authenticated copy of the probated will is presented with the petition for the probate of the will. If the foreign will – a will drafted in another state – was properly drafted in the other state, it will be recognized as a valid will in Louisiana. A succession representative appointed by a court of another state must qualify in the proper court in Louisiana to act with respect to property situated in Louisiana. If you have questions about an ancillary probate proceeding or a probating a will executed in another state (a foreign will), contact Louisiana ancillary Parish probate attorney John Sirois at 985-580-2520. John handles ancillary probate matters in all Louisiana parishes.

How Much Does a Louisiana Succession Cost?

The cost to complete a succession in Louisiana is dependent on the complexity of the estate. Succession costs also increase, for example, if someone is contesting the will or challenging the accuracy of the list of assets and liabilities. Estates that must be administered due to a business owned by the decedent being under administration or due to the time delays involved with valuing certain assets will likewise cause the cost to increase. The succession expenses include attorney’s fees, court costs, accounting fees, surety bonds, and appraisal costs.

If you have questions about a succession for a deceased loved one, contact Louisiana successions probate attorney, John Sirois at 985-580-2520.

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John Sirois handles uncontested successions and ancillary probate proceedings in Jefferson, Orleans, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, St. James, St. Mary, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Assumption, Ascension, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, East Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge and all other Louisiana Parishes.