Upcoming Estate Planning and Eldercare Seminars

Attend one of John’s informative and easy to understand workshops to discover how to avoid mistakes in these critical planning areas:

AVOIDING THE COSTS AND DELAYS OF PROBATE- Learn how to settle your estate without going through the court system.

PREVENT THE DEVESTATING FINANCIAL IMPACT OF LONG-TERM CARE EXPENSES- How to protect your life savings and your home from nursing home expenses.

INCAPACITY PLANNING- Avoid an expensive and public interdiction with a solid plan in the event you become incapacitated.

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN IF YOUR SPOUSE REMARRIES- How to protect your estate from going to a stranger rather than your children.

KEEP YOUR ASSETS IN THE FAMILY- Learn how to protect your children’s inheritance if they divorce.

PROTECTION FROM CREDITORS- How to help protect your children’s inheritance from creditors and poor judgment.

PLANNING WITH RETIREMENT ASSETS- Learn how a trust can help preserve your IRA or 401k for the duration of your beneficiary’s lifetime.

To register for one of John’s seminar events, call 985-580-2520. You may also register by completing the Contact us form on the right. Please indicate the time and location of the workshop you wish to attend. If married, attend with your spouse.