Estate Planning, Probate, and Elder Law
Are you worried about losing your home and life savings to the nursing home? We can help you or your loved one protect their hard-earned assets from nursing home costs. For Immediate Assistance Contact Us Today!

- We Can Show You How to Legally and Ethically Avoid Nursing Home Poverty!

- We Apply Decades of Experience to Preserve the Maximum Amount of Assets.

- Understand Your Rights Under the Law to Protect Your Assets & Life Savings

Have you been told it's too late to protect your or your loved one's assets? Fortunately, it is rarely too late to protect your life savings!

Are You Concerned About Running Out Of Money Due to Nursing Home Costs? Contrary to Common Belief, You Are Not Required to Spend Everything to Qualify For Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits.

Worried About Spending Retirement Funds and Savings to Pay for A Spouse's Nursing Home Costs? Special Planning Strategies Allow the Spouse at Home to Protect an Unlimited Amount of Assets.


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"My first contact with Mr. John Sirois was by phone. I was impressed by his willingness to take my call immediately and provide basic guidance to help navigate the estate planning for my parents at a late stage. He established his integrity and character early on, and since then he has completed my father's succession, and is in the process of completing estate planning for my mother. John is patient, insightful, and very knowledgable about Louisiana law. I appreciate his expertise and guidance, he's helped my family to navigate a multitude of complex issues on asset protection and estate planning."

Trust Elder Law Attorney, John Sirois, author of the book, Retirement and Estate Planning in Louisiana. John has helped Seniors statewide avoid nursing home poverty for over 20 years.

He Can Show You How To Legally and Ethically Preserve Your Life Savings And Avoid Nursing Home Spend Down. Don’t Rely on the Nursing Home or Medicaid to Tell You What You Can or Cannot Protect.

We Fight for You to Preserve the Maximum Amount of Assets You Are Entitled To Protect!