Estate Planning, Probate, and Elder Law

We understand that the probate and succession process can be unfamiliar and intimidating. We will advise you on each step to ensure you avoid potential pitfalls and delays. When a loved one passes away, you should seek the guidance of an experienced probate and successions attorney who can guide your family through this process.

Coping with the death of a loved one can be a confusing time, and it is a comfort to work with an attorney who is sensitive to the family’s loss and able to take some of the administrative burden away from the grieving family. The initial steps you should take after the death of a loved one depend on your family situation. Call attorney John Sirois to find out the steps you should consider.

The words probate and succession are often used interchangeably in Louisiana. The word probate actually means to “prove” the will. In other words to have it reviewed by the judge to prove the will is valid under Louisiana law. A succession is the process by which assets are transferred and re-titled from the deceased individual to the heirs or legatees.

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Thibodaux Successions Lawyer

Our goal is to prepare the succession documents at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner. Because estate planning and successions are our primary focus, our document preparation process is streamlined. The result: we are able to complete successions without unnecessary delay and at a low cost.

We never charge our clients based on a percentage of the estate assets. We feel that charging a fee based on a percentage of assets can be unfair, particularly for relatively simple estates with high asset values. We bill our clients at a flat rate or by the hour and always provide an estimate of the total cost.

Call John Sirois of Houma, Louisiana, at 985-580-2520, or e-mail him for a consultation. His knowledge and experience will bring you peace of mind.

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